The Fear

Phase 1: Her fear of loosing him will always remain alike as it was. Phase 2: It was then when he loved like no one else could, but she never noticed. Phase 3: Now she loves him like no one else can, but he just knows that he has lost that love in him for... Continue Reading →

The Pandemic: Covid-19

Life was in a movement; it was indeed a roller coaster ride for some or may be for all; amidst the happy and the bleak days the whole human race tried to survive. Everyone, in one way or the other was prepared for their future, physically, be it mercenary or with the skills of survival... Continue Reading →

A Long Lost Voice

It was a summer evening,Heard the melodious symphony,Flipped the phone to see an unknown calling,Lend the ears to that voice after long years, so soothing.That long lost voice,Once adored being kids,Could be recognized with the closed eyelids.The phrases of words being said,Was still alike, unchanged!Couldn’t imagine the miracle,Never fancied of listening to that lost voice... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Words

She believes that the world is a beautiful painting, painted with the master strokes; an enticing visage to stare at; it is the most precious route to cherish life, travelling through the inside and the outside. She believes in the sublime imagination she has, she claims it to be exquisite and precious. She believes that... Continue Reading →

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

The fallen leaves danced to the rhythm of the wind,The heart recollected some memories to redeem;An unsung melody started playing its game,The silent blue bird inside the heart was all in flame.A mysterious voice whispered:If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Time, with all its might created the ebb and flow,The fireflies of love... Continue Reading →

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