Heartbreak is Beautiful

Walking with a pair of good walking shoes to reach our destination is quite mainstream; it’s only when we walk barefoot that we get to encounter different faces of the journey. Sometimes when we get something out of an unusual journey, its value increases and becomes much more beautiful. For instance, failures and heartbreaks. The great founder of KFC was rejected a thousand times for his ‘secret recipe’ and then a restaurant picked him up only to show us how unshakable his inner magic could be. The news editors fired Walt Disney a numerous times saying that he has no imagination and no creativity. This only indicates that failure exposes people to new light that is beautiful enough to open new doors. This reminds us of a heart that has been broken numerous times and still believes in love. But the heart knows to embrace those lips that utter the beautiful words of inspiration. Someone moving on from the other person might be heartbreaking, shattered and bruised but that person still allows himself/herself to bloom. And this remind us of a soul so powerful that knows to endure and encounter the profoundest hurdle. So, failure can never be accepted if you don’t attempt to do it the other way; love can never be written off if someone don’t know how to love you properly. Because beautiful is the soul that is shattered and shattered is something that knows to embrace the challenges of this journey.


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