The Morning Stroll

A morning, unusual, not forbidden but,
Blessed by the master, majestic and bewildering.
I perambulated and wondered amidst the enigmatic land,
Relished the insolence and early morning breeze.
I kept strolling,
An obscure fragrance hit my senses.
I saw a girl,
She was effortless, calm and pretty.
As my corporeal body marched towards her,
The beguile aroma kept me mesmerized.
It was peerless, sweet and amazingly pleasant.
I saw her plainly, anon,
White skin, glowing in the sun rays.

Pretty eyes and soothing lips,
With hair so heavenly pleasing.
My eyes couldn’t stop gazing at her;
A beautiful soul amidst nature’s everlasting beauty.
I tried to listen to that unheard voice,
Yet, her image got smudged with time.
I yearned to listen to her voice,
Envisaging it to be like the soothing voice of the Nightingale.
I was left with an amusement,
With a mental portrait of her to cherish,
And to enliven my forthcoming days.

~ redeemed_soul

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