Mother shed a tear while dad hid it beneath his meek smile,
And sister’s warm embrace was enough to console the broken heart;
Drifting from his own hearth, He marched towards –
Far away to no man’s land,
A place full of sand,

He gave his body and his soul,
Where past memories were his only console;
Awaiting for a letter in the barren land,
Where guns and bullets were his only friend.
Be it day or be it night,
He was never out of sight.
And one fine day
When he marched again,
Not towards his home,
But towards an unwanted death,
There was a firelight,
Emissions and sounds,
And in that very moment he dreams of a life,

Unseen, unlived and unheard.

~ lilac

6 thoughts on “Martyr”

  1. Wow! This is amazing. I really really like this. So glad you have written something relevant to the day. Thankyou SO much x


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