A Blooming Voice

Mother, can you feel me?
I am right within you, wish you could see;
This is where I start growing with you,
In the womb of yours, gently as you do.
Now I am so tiny,
But gradually I’ll be more of me.

Mother, can you feel me?
I am growing big, for you to see.
Listen to my heartbeats,
Those are momentous, for you not to miss.
I know you feel a pain inside,
But once I’m born, you will have a smile so wide.

Mother, can you feel me?
I try to peep, so that I too can see;
It’s been so long, being inside,
All I can see you is in my dreams,
So gentle, so serene,
And I know that your lullaby shall caress me gently.

Mother, can you feel me?
I listen to every word you speak to me;
I can sense the warmth of your love,
And that bright smile when you touch me, partially.
I listen to your voice,
And feel the symphony of your heartbeats.

As of now, let me live in my dreams,
Albeit, I know you’ll be more beautiful than this;
Hold on for a little longer,
A phase of pain is going to unveil
A glorious moment of ‘togetherness’, of ‘love and life’
I vow mother, this time it’ll be for real.

~ redeemed_soul

13 thoughts on “A Blooming Voice”

    1. Nothing could be much worthy than to carry a life within one’s body; motherhood is a blessing because it brings life. We are happy to give you that joy that you had, for you deserve it lady.

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  1. It made my eyes a bit heavy, I don’t know but I am sure it was the power of your words. It was so beautiful. Mother and child they are the purest form of love in this world. Nothing is greater than that, no power, nothing.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. 🙂

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    1. Nothing on this earth could be worthier than the love of a mother; it’s a blessing, a beauty that can’t be ravaged by time. Thank you for your appreciation. We are very much glad that you liked it.

      Thank you for your wishes, we are blessed to have it.

      We shall definitely go through your blog and share our thoughts with you. Let there be Enlightenment through words.

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    1. It’s an everlasting bond, which can’t be ravaged by time; it’s a beauty beyond one’s imagination. We’re glad that you liked the post. Once again thanks for visiting our page, for sharing your words of appreciation, and for letting us know your feelings.
      Much love from Mapleleaves.


  2. So much has been written about mothers and children, born and unborn. Yet your words are so fresh and true. What comes from within always is. I wish I could write like you do. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and appreciating my poem. Please come back for more. I post my poetry quite frequently.


    1. Ah! How overwhelmed we are by your words. 🥰Thank you for your words of appreciation. We hope that you’ll stay with us and go through our other posts. Stay safe and healthy.


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