The Night

Walking down the lonely lane,
I traded loneliness for the past fond memories;
The gentle breeze held my hand,
And my betrayed soul danced to the symphony of my heartbeats.
I contemplated into the beauty of the night,
The serendipity held my corporeal body so tight;
I could listen to the wind whispering,
Trying to please my bruised mind effortlessly;
As I advanced with my thoughts,
I listened to those unheard voices, wailing deep inside.
While the whole city slept, my naked thoughts slowly crept,
Inhaling freedom and getting wings to fly;
I felt happiness clinging onto me,
Pulling me closer more towards the possibility,
Of turning my untamed thoughts into a sweetest dream.
The night was a mystery, a story untold;
An enigma never forgotten to be endured.

~ lilac

5 thoughts on “The Night”

    1. Thank You Shell- Shell’s for your appreciation. We hope that you’ll be pleased with the other writings too. Please share your views on it, and thank you for stopping by our page, it means a lot to us.


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