A Long Lost Voice

It was a summer evening,
Heard the melodious symphony,
Flipped the phone to see an unknown calling,
Lend the ears to that voice after long years, so soothing.
That long lost voice,
Once adored being kids,
Could be recognized with the closed eyelids.
The phrases of words being said,
Was still alike, unchanged!
Couldn’t imagine the miracle,
Never fancied of listening to that lost voice after so long.
Flashback of childhood memories stuck the mind,
Ah! How wonderful and joyous were those times;
Couldn’t wait to see the corporeal body from close,
Not known, how gently it might have bloomed.
A longing haunted the body and the soul,
To perceive that unseen smile, to listen to that unheard voice,
To rejoice the old days of togetherness,
The one that never lost its essence.

I know the worthiness of receiving it back again,
Don’t want to lose it anymore,
The heart dares to bargain.
I hope the other side feels it too, synonymously;
The body and the soul dances to the rhythm
Of the heartbeats, happily.
Destiny is beautiful when faith shines bright,
Now the soul feels completed, with the other by the side.

~ redeemed_soul

7 thoughts on “A Long Lost Voice”

    1. Thank you @loveforlore for your appreciation.
      We hope that you’ll spend your valuable time in reading our posts and share your views and ideas on it.
      Have a serene day ahead.
      Love, Mapleleaves.


      1. I haven’t been on WP much and when I am do my very best to visit those who visit me. It was so very worth my “time” to come here to read your words. Thank you again!! xo

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