The Psychopath

Phase 1:
I heard the sound of the waves crawling too fast,
along with the gasping wind;
Before the shore could be set free,
I saw him, drowning.
And before I could voice for him, the storm clasped my lips;
There was an inaudible screaming,
I cried tears out of his mystic smile;
With the flow of time, I saw the ocean turning blue-blood;
The storm laid me down on the shore, and before I could touch the blue – blood, I was pricked by the raindrops;
I knew that they too were crying.

Phase 2:
I got caught in the hailstorm of emotion, pity and sympathy dragged me down.
I was tied up by regret, and within minute I saw desire walking away, heading towards the scene of gluttony.
And that was the very moment when I saw him back again, shapeless, and before I could enslave myself from the thoughts, my mind engraved his name in my veins through blood.

~ lilac

© Maple Leaves 2020. All Rights Reserved

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