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A Wintry Memory

As I walk down the memory lane,
I feel my heart beats getting insane.
It was a beautiful winter morning,
Filled with dew drops on the grass shining.
The early birds chirping beautifully,
It was something to feel so heavenly.
The garden flowers blooming fresh,
Drawing the humming bees to a rest.
The sunny sun glowing like fire blaze,
To clean the wintry foggy haze.
And as I see the clear sky,
The clouds floating and dancing so high.
Maybe it was always the same,
But that day, it felt special inside a frame.
To which I looked today with a warmth inside my heart,
With a wish to be never apart.
I wonder how miraculous this Nature can be,
As it never fails to surprise me.
Everything around seems so magical,
I wish the Nature stays alive as elegantly simple.

~ redeemed_soul