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The Pandemic: Covid-19

Life was in a movement; it was indeed a roller coaster ride for some or may be for all; amidst the happy and the bleak days the whole human race tried to survive. Everyone, in one way or the other was prepared for their future, physically, be it mercenary or with the skills of survival of the fittest, but may be they were not prepared for it mentally. Thinking of death, one kept their age in count; though unwanted invasion of death haunted them, but they tried to hide it beneath their philosophical or scientific thoughts. There was a time when people partially had the potential to defeat death, but now it’s a big damn question to be answered by the humans to their own ‘self’.

The news of millions of deaths, now, flies like the swarm of bees all over the world, humming the cacophony of unbearable pain and the scornful echoes of the millions; every single day dead bodies get dumped without any prayer or without the last touch of their families; their bodies lay close to each other, yet beyond one’s reach. The world once was in silence, it had its own way of resting in peace amidst all the chaos created by the human race, but now it’s no more alike; the silence no more prevails. People are scared of the noises, the screeching sound of the humans in pain; they know nothing about death, but they know that it’s approaching to gulp them down. This time death has scheduled no time, no space, no gender, no age, no religion, but a simple strategy to kill through an undesired and unwelcomed virus.

Social distancing has taken the place of humanity; the changes are crucial. People fear to move, with every single step that they take outside, into the world, they feel like carrying a heavy weight on their back; they carry fear in their head and in their heart. Everyone wants to survive now, nobody welcomes this uncertain death; the philosophical or scientific thoughts no more can calm down their inner self that struggles between ‘Life’ and ‘Death’. Previously, life was all about being social, it was all about having an amiable communication with one another, but now it’s all about the distance; it’s all about standing six feet apart, avoiding communication as far as one can.

The hunger to survive is still on, with movement or without movement. Privileged and fortunate are those who can have their meals sitting together with their family, the one who are still able to fulfill the bag of their stomach with the amount of food that they need to survive. But how to explain the hunger of those who still sleeps with their empty belly? How to judge the agony of a mother who pulls her child close to her and cries out in hunger, in a need? How to critique the sorrow of a father who is now a jobless and a helpless person for the whole family? Now, social distancing is the only leftover humanity.

There is a constant battle between ‘the hunger to survive’ and ‘one’s willingness to give away to death’. Lockdown has taken the place of Imprisonment; how does it feel to be a prisoner, not behind the bars but inside one’s own home? Every single day seems to be like the ongoing preparation for a war, a war through which the human race needs to survive; the comrades are still fighting to save the troupe, keeping their own life in stake. The world is different now; now it’s a terrible beauty. Yet, there still lies a hope to which everyone clings to; one still dreams of living a life without being imprisoned and to sit in a room full of people to enjoy the favourite view, to feel at home. Every passing second has turned into a history, a history that will be written down in pages.

The battlefield is same for all and the war is still on;

~ lilac