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The Hidden Words

She believes that the world is a beautiful painting, painted with the master strokes; an enticing visage to stare at; it is the most precious route to cherish life, travelling through the inside and the outside. She believes in the sublime imagination she has, she claims it to be exquisite and precious. She believes that life is a mystery, a mystery to be solved; it’s a treasure to be preserved, until death knocks at the door to carry away its identity.

She remembers, one fine sunny day, her father took her to the field and made her see how delicately a seed is being sown, how much dedication, devotion and patience is needed to nurture life. And when she came back home with him, he made her see the love of a mother towards her family; she was busy chopping vegetables and smiled back to them as soon as her eyes perceived those beautiful souls who mattered to her a lot. In that moment she felt like it was too much to take in, but she was happy knowing much about life from them.

She is sitting in the arm chair, taking the portrait in her hand and staring at the photograph where beautiful memories seem to linger. The waves of memories take her back to those days when she and her parents went to the beach, the one during her summer holiday. She was happy watching the waves coming back and forth to the shore; and every time it came, it left the slightest of its imprint. They both held her hands and made her perceive how life can be comprehended as an ocean, where the ebbs and flows are like the happiness and the sadness coming to the shore. They made her understand that every time when happiness or sadness knocks at the door, it leaves an imprint too. But then it depends on how she grapples with it; it depends on how she strikes out the sad imprints by replacing them with the waves of the happiest moments; it also matters how she rejoices her life, enjoying the best view, sitting by the shore.

She is gulped down by a melancholic incident which took place in her life , and the dreadful emotions doesn’t allow her to sleep peacefully .She has lost the most valuable person from her life; her parents died in a road accident when she was away from home for her further studies. To tread on the path of life without them was not an easy task for her, and it still isn’t. Most of her time, she spends in isolation; her only companions are the memories which keeps on lingering inside the house and in the places where they have been. Every weekend she goes to the beach and sits by the shore all by herself and reminisces those precious moments spent with them. At times, her body becomes heavy with the load of the pain she carries of not having them around; her heart is being ripped off bit by bit and deep down the void kills her.

As she keeps a faith in her beautiful imagination, in her painted dream, she tries to erase the imprint of sadness from her shore with the waves of happiness. She reminds herself about her father’s words of nurturing life in a better way, so that it can bear the best for her in the future. She reminds herself of the selfless love of her mother, and then she realizes the alarming need of loving her ‘self’, to build a new home inside her mind and her heart for people to reside. She holds on to her dream of being a dreamer, to paint the world with her imagination and through her words.

She is ready to face failure, to destroy her first piece of painting or to mess up with the first writing that she pours down from her pen. She believes that with every destruction and failure, a beauty will be born, priceless and of worth. All through her life she kept her imagination hidden behind the walls of fear, but now she seeks to breakthrough, allowing the imagination to walk through the door of her mind and wander about, with her words being laid on pages, and the pen being her mighty warrior.

Now, she awaits for her masterpiece;

~ lilac