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The Visitor

I sit by the closed window, all alone by myself and look through it; the glass window pane acts as a barrier between me and the outside world. I think I’ve been caged for years inside these four walls, I know not since when; I know every pattern of the cemented bricks, as if someone’s scars got painted on it. It’s not unchallenging for me to remember dates, days or events; this is what the man in the white attire says to my caretaker. There’s a numbness flowing all over my body, from head to toe; I barely speak, all I do is gaze through the window, perceive the outside world with my naked eyes. Every single day I’ve got a visitor; the visitor rushes hurriedly, gushes the water from the stream, leaving a whirlpool of death; blows away the dead leaves from the cemetery, tearing apart the heart of the lonely moors into two and knocks at my window whining in pain and says, “Let me in!”. I wonder who the visitor is, whether it’s the lonely soul of Catherine or Heathcliff!

~ lilac

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The Night

Walking down the lonely lane,
I traded loneliness for the past fond memories;
The gentle breeze held my hand,
And my betrayed soul danced to the symphony of my heartbeats.
I contemplated into the beauty of the night,
The serendipity held my corporeal body so tight;
I could listen to the wind whispering,
Trying to please my bruised mind effortlessly;
As I advanced with my thoughts,
I listened to those unheard voices, wailing deep inside.
While the whole city slept, my naked thoughts slowly crept,
Inhaling freedom and getting wings to fly;
I felt happiness clinging onto me,
Pulling me closer more towards the possibility,
Of turning my untamed thoughts into a sweetest dream.
The night was a mystery, a story untold;
An enigma never forgotten to be endured.

~ lilac


A wave was closing to the shore,
A little tang within the force
Away from the vast world inside
The happiness gone so did the cries.
No more would it see the coral reef
Or the threats lurking in the deep
The hues and shades immaculate
The darkness even in the day
The creatures big and the small
The little rise and the little fall
The times both best and the worst
Would not return at any cost
No movement in there anymore
The closing wave now reached the shore.