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The Labyrinth of Life

Life is a labyrinth and sometimes, it’s a mystery how we keep on falling down in a displeasing way, how every now and then we are being knocked down to the ground by some unsolicited situations. The moment we actually think of a rainbow, we’re covered down by the black clouds, hanging over our head ; the moment we think of a room full of chocolates, we’re gifted a basket full of sour grapes; but maybe that’s life, maybe that’s how we survive on this planet called Earth. Life might not seem to be like the bar of a chocolate, a cup of cappuccino coffee, or a bowery of flowers; some days it might just be the opposite. But that doesn’t mean that we should lose all our appetite and kill our taste buds for it; the hunger should always be there, be it for food, for life, for learning or for attaining wisdom; we’ve to get through against all odds.

Life is an amalgamation of the good and the evil, the godly and the demon; amidst all the gloominess we should keep on treading down the path of life searching for an illumination, battling against all the odds to seek for the ray, of hope and of survival. No matter how tyrannical the storm seems to be, the boat has to sail on; no matter how jarring the waves might be on the shore, we’ve to be firm like the rock, not easily bent or changed at all, holding on to our dreams and our high hopes. We are the master of our own ‘dreams’, of our own ‘self’, and no other human being can comprehend us better than we can justify our life on our own grounds. One’s life might not end like the fairy tale of ‘Cinderella’ or like ‘Anne’ from Green Gables, but there’s so much to learn from these stories; we learn more about life, more about surviving, more about hardships and most importantly about blooming to our best, in our own delicate way.

At times it might be depressing, frustrating, to tackle down with the outside world and then with the inner thoughts juggling inside the head. We might lose all our direction and feel homeless, but every time when these happens to us, we need to reach our own inner voice, look deep into the matter through our mental eyes and let go of things that kills our head and the heart. In order to bloom to our best, we need to nurture ourselves, give the utmost care that we need; we don’t have to give up so easily to other’s expectation, we just need to believe in our own ‘self’. Apart from caring about ourselves, we should also reach out to people and exercise much of humanity. The world is full of people, people who face the synonymous breakdowns; some might receive it in tons and some in heaps, but the title of the whole story remains the same, i.e. ‘struggle’, and it’s our sole responsibility to reach out to those people in need, share our optimistic zeal and convert their negative energy into a positive one. Never forget to appreciate people for their good work, because a statement of appreciation can bring wonders to one’s life.

Keep sailing your boat until it reaches your destination; keep battling on the battlefield of achieving your dreams until you bleed to death; no matter how harsh the wind seems, keep soaring high to the sky. Seize every moment that you’ve in your life, be it the best or the worst, because this life that you’ve now, won’t walk down to you once it’s gone. We are all fortunate enough to be in this together, we might not share anything genetically but under this one roof called ‘Earth’, we are all humans, universally. Life is a puzzle, it’s like a treasure hunt, full of surprises; we’ve to look for the pieces in order to frame it into a beautiful portrait, painted with the vivid shades of suffering and redemption. We must dive deep into the ocean of our imagination and swim effortlessly facing the reality, and when we bloom, we should bloom to our best; trust ourselves because that’s an art of living.

~ lilac