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R.I.P George Floyd.

“I can’t breathe…
Please, the knee on my neck…
Mama_ Mama_”

The world perceived the man’s death, one who begged for his life, till he could taste his mama’s name for the one last time. The demon who savoured his life used all his might to conquer his conscious/unconscious desire, desire for death. Now someone (might be the devil or God, the creator himself) laughs in the face of Humanity, thinking how inhuman humans can be; ironical it seems. There’s a raging fire in Heaven just like it is in Hell; there’s a cold war going on for the justice, justice for the victim, and before death could voluntarily knock at the man’s door, life gave up in the hands of the demon.

PS: Death be not proud, for now we chose whom to kill and when; you’re being enslaved.

~ lilac


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