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The Dreadful Voyage

A fine sunny day,
Clouds racing,
Birds chirping,
Nature’s beauty, undeniable.

Her motherhood was resplendent,
Wandering around with the little one inside her belly;
The little bud wondered how majestic the world would be,
Dreaming of being with Mama soon,
That’s the best it could do.

She nurtured him, awaited for the time to come,
Inhaled life and bliss, with the other around;
Never did she dreamt of such an atrocious day,
Tearing into pieces the very existence of life.

Hungry she was, looking for food to savor,
The superior being on the planet offered her food she couldn’t resist,
She didn’t comprehend the cruelty behind,
Like an innocent being, she redeemed her appetite.

She groaned in pain soon after,
The poison of cruelty spread inside her,
She tried hard to save the little one,
All went in vain.

A Murderous attack took place
Her motherhood was ravaged,
She moaned and cried in pain,
Slowly her existence faded away, leaving behind her carcass.

The unborn clung to her soul,
As she took her last breath,
The voice inside her cried,
“Wish we were never born on Earth,
We could have been happy forever!”

~ redeemed_soul

(This poem is based on a ‘pregnant elephant’ who suffered a torturous death after pranksters fed her a pineapple packed full of lit explosive firecrackers.)

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