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A Blooming Voice

Mother, can you feel me?
I am right within you, wish you could see;
This is where I start growing with you,
In the womb of yours, gently as you do.
Now I am so tiny,
But gradually I’ll be more of me.

Mother, can you feel me?
I am growing big, for you to see.
Listen to my heartbeats,
Those are momentous, for you not to miss.
I know you feel a pain inside,
But once I’m born, you will have a smile so wide.

Mother, can you feel me?
I try to peep, so that I too can see;
It’s been so long, being inside,
All I can see you is in my dreams,
So gentle, so serene,
And I know that your lullaby shall caress me gently.

Mother, can you feel me?
I listen to every word you speak to me;
I can sense the warmth of your love,
And that bright smile when you touch me, partially.
I listen to your voice,
And feel the symphony of your heartbeats.

As of now, let me live in my dreams,
Albeit, I know you’ll be more beautiful than this;
Hold on for a little longer,
A phase of pain is going to unveil
A glorious moment of ‘togetherness’, of ‘love and life’
I vow mother, this time it’ll be for real.

~ redeemed_soul

The Exquisite Neighbour I met Online

As usual, I was scrolling through the Facebook glancing at random posts and pictures.
Promptly, my finger tapped on a story which recalled me the most beautiful lines of Shakespeare’s sonnet 18

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

She was beautiful, her eyes were innocent,
It was sparkling like a lone star in the night sky,
It was the sparkle of her eyes
Which returned the hope that life can no longer be dark.

Her smile had a catastrophic influence on my heart
Her divine beauty had the magical powers to restore an obliterated soul.

Her polite yet simple texts had given me a difficult time to breathe.
Yeah such sudden instances in life can make anyone fail to decide
What’s wrong and what’s right.

~Mansur L