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A Cursed World

Not so far in the near future, a boy named Arjun roams around in a deserted land with no one by his side, searching for a droplet of water in the barren land which was once a grassland filled with nature’s blessings. With his every single step he gets weaker and weaker, marching towards his own death. Resting near a hill, he has a glimpse of the past beauty of the world, a world where peace and happiness resided with no cost to fulfill. He still remembers his first breath in this world, being awake from a long nap from his mother’s womb; wonders about the school going days when he had to wear a mask due to the increase in pollution from the factories; the sky was concealed with the emission of the gases, but the grassland, the water, and the people still existed. Albeit, the people survived, but there was nothing much left to discuss about.

Back then he felt like a lone survivor to a zombie apocalypse; though it was not a zombie apocalypse but an increase in ‘Global Warming’. Every iceberg melted and formed a tsunami which gulped down everything on its way, ravaging the beauty. The people knew that if they don’t get hold of the situation then one day they would have to face something worse and terrible, but they acted like dumb puppets. The feeling inside cannot be expressed, but in those times the motivation for controlling the pollution was a temporary thing; it was just for a moment. As soon as the motivation ceased to be in existence, the mind got deflected and people got busy in their daily labour. No one was perturbed about the ‘Earth’, the one who was in pain, who had given so much to the human race; they kept on exploiting the mother earth to their best. The number of people who deserved the pain
were enjoying their lives, but those who should not was suffering the most because of those elite exploiters. The worst part was not that they belonged to the upper hierarchy, but because they were least worried about the world that was losing its vitality to survive in. There was ‘depletion’, ‘deduction’, and ‘decreasing’ in every inch. The world was destructed; nonetheless the humans raced technically but those technologies could not withstand against the nature.

And the day came when the earth showed its temper to the human kind for the cause through which they made her suffer, by declining her health. The eye bursting storms struck the people and no one could withstand it; it swept away everything that came on its way. Be it human or animals, no one was bestowed with mercy. The next morning, the sun showed his rage upon them with the sharp heat that turned everything into a barren land, and dried up the streams and the rivers. Arjun was the only person who saved his body from the burning heat as he covered his body with a thick layer of cloth.

Now, Arjun prays on behalf of the whole world, not to the Almighty but to the mother earth; he perceived her temper once, filled with rage. The world has turned into a cursed place; the worst outcome is due to the negligence of the people towards the place where once one used to dwell in happiness. But now it is crowded with diseases and death. Eventually, the end has arrived; a revolution is to be faced. The earth will soon be covered with dark shadows of destruction lingering around; Arjun doesn’t know to what extent he will be able to survive, but he vows that he will pray till his last breathe, seeking for forgiveness on behalf of the whole human race.

Moral: Act before it’s too late.

~ parthapratim